Real deal Rum Cakes

About Us

Find out more about Real Deal Rum Cakes, our history, who we are and how we were born. 


Getting to know us

In times of adversity an individual has two choices, succumb to the negative or find the positive in each day and channel that into something innovative.

During the Covid-19 Pandemic, with so much uncertainty and instability my daughter and I turned to baking as a way to not only bring us together, but create joy through the act of baking and sharing those baked goods with others. This is how Real Deal Rum Cakes was born.

Real Deal Rum Cakes are a twist on the Caribbean/West Indian traditional Fruit Cake, which is a “fan favourite” for many from the West Indies or of West Indian heritage during the holiday season and at special occasions such as weddings. Bringing joy to others is a part of The Real Deal’s origin story and we look forward to sharing that joy with you with each and every bite!

Rick, CEO & Founder


What we do & How we do it!

How we create each order

Using our online store purchase a selection of different flavoured Rum Cakes.  enter all payment and delivery details and we will do the rest.

For events or bulk orders contact us via the event catering page and we will speak to you to offer a bespoke offer and quotation.

The team get the fresh ingredients and create our amazing Real Deal Rum Cakes.  Then they go in the oven.

Each and every cake is cooked to order.  Once cooked we cool and add the magic touches.  

We then pack, label and get ready to send.  Then we dispatch straight to your home.

If you have a bespoke order for an event, we will arrange the delivery time and place and be there with your order ready for your event.